Terms And Conditions

  • Valued customers can give the requirements like make and type, model, color, odometer running, etc., and any other specific requirements they want to have in their cars, and we would try to find the best suitable vehicle in line with the requirements. 
  • Valued customers may also select vehicles/ vehicles from our held stock in Ireland or from the vehicles that are either en route to Ireland from Japan or awaiting shipment. In such cases, the likely time of arrival (ETA) of vehicles will be provided to the valued customers, which is normally 6-10 weeks from loading in Japan. However exact time may vary a little depending upon the shipping line.
  • The above pre-selection of vehicles can be made on a 5%-10% advance deposit, depending upon a case-to-case basis. Please contact us for further details.
  • In case of purchase of vehicles from our existing stock in Ireland, valued customers may avail of the facilities of test drive or prior inspection.
  • Vehicles sold from our existing stock in Ireland are inclusive of all types of payments and taxes, including VAT and customs duty. However, the VRT and NOx tax payment is up to the customers’ choice. They may avail of an option to pay the VRT and NOx tax themselves if they desire. In such a case, the total price of the vehicle charged from customers would be exclusive of VRT and NOx tax. 
  • KimTradings.Com shall try its best to provide the best-suited and best possible vehicles to the valued customers’ satisfaction and needs.

Please contact us for any other query/ question/ clarification.

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